Headends & Modules - CMiRack

Headends & Modules

We offer both compact and modular racks. They are preconfigured or can be filled with modules according to your specific needs. 

Modulators - TM200HD


Anttron builds digital A/V and HDMI encoders for you to enjoy your media on all your TVs in the highest quality

DTV-FSG - Fransat headends

Fransat Headends

Preconfigured compact and modular racks. Compatible with Fransat and delivered with Fransat CI Cards/CAMs

distribution Amplifiers - A225 & Power supplies - 1005

Amplifiers & PSUs

Distribution amplifiers for indoor use &power supplies for masthead amplifiers, LTE compatible.

TV/SAT Combiners

TV/SAT Combiners - Diplexers

Anttron has a range of TV/SAT combiners and filters  for indoor and outdoor use. 


Filters & CATV Amplifiers

Anttron's amplifiers for the use in SMATV systems, and (multiband) programmable filters.

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